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Calendar Cash Holiday Raffle
Teams Announced
Congratulations to the Pelham Travel Basketball (PTB) 2020-2021 Season...
2020-2021 Season Update
PTB Season Update   We are excited to share that we have...
Purchase PTB Gear at MyLocker
Pelham Travel Basketball has partnered with MyLocker to offer PTB...
Calendar Cash Holiday Raffle

by posted 10/02/2020
Teams Announced

Congratulations to the Pelham Travel Basketball (PTB) 2020-2021 Season Players

4th Grade Girls 4th Grade Boys 5th Grade Girls 5th Grade Boys 6th Grade Girls 6th Grade Boys 7th Grade Girls 7th Grade Boys 8th Grade Girls 8th Grade Boys
Harlow Barron Sarcione Mason Allard Jessica Bailey Cody Arseneault Charlotte Accomando Caeden Baisley Morgan Allard Zach Dutton Addison Breault Tatum Beineke
Scarlett Cooper Connor Brackett Jillian Bistany Niccolo Baviello Ashleigh Baker Kamdin Cathcart Aubrin Berger Luke Estell Alexis Breault Shawn Bodenrader
Peyton Cote Nathaniel Colpa Sophia Cantacesso Kevin Clifton Alexa Flaherty Michael Cawley Natalia Capra Kevin Hardy Lillian Clifton Justin Bowlan
Shannon Deschene Michael Eason Makenna Comtois Luke Draper Sophia Harrington Leovanni Colpa Makenzie Comtois Brady Hegan Alexis Koutrobis Jason Gendreau
Brooklyn Hegan Brady Fox Kayleigh Huberty Danny Gendreau Abigail King Aidan Cote Liana Consaul Patrick Muise Alex Pournaras Steven Harvey
Gabriella Milley Brayden Goroshko Brooke Matthews Cj Geoffroy Grace Leonard Liam Goroshko Brooke Cote Brady OConnor Hailey Tanguay Logan Hastie
Hailey Novak Eli Guinazzo Kylie McDonald Bentley Keene Khloe Letourneau Gavin Hastie Sophia Guinazzo William Ortiz Samantha Tetreault David Lindell
Ava Rose Zachary Harrington Kylie Muldoon Caleb Kuilan Ellie Pace Jakob Jensen Adrianna Joyce Andrew Repici   Brady Lynde
Isabella Santolucito Brayden Montminy Lyla Prince Jackson Musto Jessica Phillips Stephen Pare Ava Milley Michael St.Pierre   Gavin McGlinchey
Khloe Shanahan Noah Moriarty Leah Silverwatch Jaxon Paquette Mia Wilkins Domenic Peranelli Kayli Milward Brady Williams   Nicholas Muise
Keagan Stowe Hayden Villanueva Fiona Stowe Brendan Reeves Sarah Wilson   Emily Novak     James Patchen
  Cooper Yavarow         Grace Riley     Cole Reeves


Congratulations again to all the players. Everyone will hear from a coach shortly.  Now that your child has been selected for the season you will need to complete your child's registration online.  Please click Register Online from the website navigation menu on the left.  The fee for the upcoming season will be $375 plus a prepaid $100 fundraiser.  The fundraiser will be a Calendar Cash giveaway.  The kids will receive tickets from their coach and can sell them through Thanksgiving.  Prizes will be awarded every day in December.  The kids only have to sell 10 $10 tickets to recoup the $100 fundraiser fee.  There will be a variety of prizes for the kids as well including a Play Station 5 for the kid who sells the most tickets! Additional details will be shared shortly.  Once you have registered you can start selling tickets. Please contact your coach for more information.

All registrations and fees must be completed by next Friday, October 9th.  Practices will begin the week of November 2nd. 

We are still working out the details of Uniform night and will provide additional information shortly.

For all non-required items, such as sweatshirts, bags, jackets, etc, PTB uses "My Locker".  You can use the "Shop My Locker" link to the left. 

If you have any questions on player selections please email

Good luck and best wishes for a successful season!


by posted 09/27/2020
2020-2021 Season Update

PTB Season Update

We are excited to share that we have a fantastic season lined up for the Pelham Travel teams that will include practices, games, and tournaments running from November to early March.  Every team should expect the following as part of the season. 

  • 8 Regular Season Games
  • Playoffs 1-4 potential games
  • 4 Tournaments including the annual Pelham Holiday Tournament 

This will give each team with over 20 games that will be played at designated facilities in NH.

The only way to take advantage of this season is to sign up and try out.  Tryouts are this Saturday, September 26th at St Joe's in Salem.  Please see the Tryout schedule below for detailed times. We hope to see you and your kids on the court! 

For any questions or issues with the On-Line registration system, please contact


by posted 09/24/2020
Purchase PTB Gear at MyLocker

Pelham Travel Basketball has partnered with MyLocker to offer PTB Gear online.  You now have the ability to purchase items such as jackets, sweatshirts, t-shirts, gym bags, etc online anytime you like.  Click the MyLocker link on the left bar of our website to get more details.  The page contains some "official" items, but MyLocker has many additional offerings.

Our official logo has been uploaded to the site and is available to select from.  Be sure to get your gear in our colors - Royal Blue & White!

For any questions on the PTB MyLocker store, please contact Shelly Joncas at

Don't forget to use the 10% off coupons distributed at uniform night for additional savings!

by posted 10/03/2014
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