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GYM Access
by Eric Guinazzo posted 11/22/2019


  If you need access to NEP do the following

LOCKBOX #1      OUTSIDE on the Railing to the left of the door 20 feet away.

CODE (Top 2, Middle 2, Bottom 2) --- These two keys will open the outside door and the closet

LOCKBOX #2        located in the lobby on the metal pole about 3 feet from the gym door.

Code is 7917  --  This key will open the INSIDE gym door if you need it.

Immediately return ALL the key!


If you can’t get in the gym call (HEAD CUSTODIAN – PATRICK – 603-557-4418); He lives in Nashua but can get to the gym in 20 minutes if necessary)

St. Joseph’s Gym (part of St. Josephs school)

40 Main Street

Salem, NH (across the street from Tuscan Kitchen)


The first 3 pics are the lockbox where the gym key will be stored.   There is a garage next to the gym and a walk through the door on the side of the garage.  That is where the key will be …. THE CODE TO OPEN AND CLOSE THE LOCKBOX IS 1-3-5-7-9 … 

Once the gym door is opened, when it shuts it should lock again so you may want to “pry” it open a bit as players start to arrive to your practice.  The second team in needs to shut off all the lights and the door should lock on your way out.

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